Winter Rusiloski and Angel Fernandez created deadWEST: GALLERY AND STUDIO as an alternative artist space in North Texas, with a location that is due west of the Dallas and Fort Worth Cultural Districts. Rusiloski is a transplant of the Northeastern United States to Texas, and Fernandez is a transplant of Mexico to Texas, to the Northeast and back to Texas. They are pleased to host Trisstah Wagstaff's sacred IN-BETWEEN. 
Artist Bio: Trisstah Brittany Wagstaff is an artist currently living in Waco, Texas. She graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting in 2014 and is currently a candidate for her Master of Fine Arts in painting through the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Her work will be published in both the upcoming summer and winter volumes of Studio Visit Magazine. She has also been published in issues 5 and 6 of the Port City Review. Her work explores the beauty that can be found amid great pain and loss. She celebrates the hope and light within these unexpected places.
Artist Statement: My work explores how we are affected by beauty and how it is found and experienced even within deep loss and sadness. I use paint through pouring, scraping, and manipulating to create layers and depth that mimic the layers of life and the depth of what we feel and experience. The organic shapes represent the fragments of unwanted reality while celebrating the beauty that unexpectedly grows, giving hope. In the midst of deep loss or pain, beauty becomes the strange experience. Because of that, these forms and shapes are both hopeful and unfamiliar. The paintings are meant to be sympathetic and allow contemplation. How does hope exist even within these dark spaces? I explore and pursue this question through these non-objective abstractions that are inspired by water, minerals, and the many facets of beauty found within those inspirations. The paintings also acknowledge this experience of hope as something sacred, something spiritual.